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November 17, 2023

Publicity Photos of Don Adams With “Maxwell Smart” Signature Shoe Phone From the Sitcom ‘Get Smart’ (1965)

Would you believe the Maxwell Smart, a dumbbell of classic proportions, could direct his own television show? Would you believe that Don Adams could? Well, he’s done just that. And he’s as excited as a kid with his first yo-yo.

In the very first scene of the first episode of the 1965 sitcom Get Smart, viewers were introduced to secret agent Maxwell Smart’s ‘covert’ shoe telephone, which would go on to become one of the signature running gags of the popular US television series.

Viewing this scene through today’s eyes renders it significantly less absurd than it would have appeared in 1965. Back then, not only the concept of having a telephone stored in a shoe was absurd – the very notion of a portable telephone of any kind was unthinkable. Hearing a telephone ringing in the audience of a performance would have been utterly bizarre, rather than the omnipresent annoyance it is today.


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