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November 3, 2023

Buddy Holly and Waylon Jennings in a NYC Photo Booth, 1959

“He was my friend. If anything I’ve ever done is remembered, part of it is because of Buddy Holly.” – Waylon Jennings
Buddy Holly and Waylon Jennings, two Texans, grew incredibly close friends having met randomly while both were dining in a restaurant as teenagers. Their friendship, built on their love for music, would see Holly take Jennings under his wing while his popularity began to rise considerably as became a central and pioneering figure of mid-1950s rock and roll.

Holly would contribute some guitar samples to Jennings’ first recording session in 1958 and, in return, Jennings joined Holly’s band as part of his three-week tour titled the “Winter Dance Party” – a tour which would infamously end in severe disaster.

Prior to embarking on their tour together, Holly and Jennings were hanging out in New York City and played around in a photobooth located in Grand Central Station, posing for pictures as the two smoked cigarettes and joked around.

The “Winter Dance Party” would end in tragedy when Holly climbed aboard a charter plane that crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa on February 3, 1959. Jennings got bumped from the flight, getting a chance to live beyond the “Day the Music Died”.

(via Far Out Magazine)


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