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October 7, 2023

Hilarious Vintage Snapshots That Show Life Was So Simple and Fun Back Then

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, these hastily taken snapshots from snapshotsx will give you a glimpse of the simple and fun life of the first half of the 20th century.

Girl power, 1900s

Man Wanted - Not Married, 1900s

Umbrella Rock on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee, 1900s

Winner gets to wash the dishes, 1900s

Don't try this at home, 1910s

Men at work, 1910s

Spank, 1910s

Strange days, 1910s

"Fountain of Time" sculpture by Lorado Taft in Chicago's Washington Park, 1920s

At the park, 1920s

Bathing beauty, 1920s

Big kiss, 1920s

Leda and the Swan , 1920s

Perfect storm, 1920s

Tiny gem, 1920s

What happened next, 1920s

Alfresco makeover day, 1930s

Bathing friends, 1930s

Dance girls, 1930s

Now that's what i call a party, 1930s

Playtime, 1930s

Strange days, 1930s

Surrounded, 1930s

Banana, 1940s

Dance, 1940s

Don't try this at home, 1940s

Fans, 1940s

Hooneey, could you bring me some coffee?, 1940s

Me next, 1940s

New stockings?, 1940s

Ouch!, 1940s

Party games, 1940s

Piggyback, 1940s

The morning after the office party, 1940s

Couple on the cannon, 1950s

Granny flasher, 1950s

Heeled, 1950s

Masks, 1950s

On the pier, 1950s

Walk the line, 1950s


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