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October 6, 2023

25 Impressive Vintage Posters Designed by Otto Baumberger in the 1910s

Otto Baumberger (1889–1961) is one of the most important graphic designers in Switzerland and is often considered the “spiritual father” of the Swiss poster. For more than 40 years, he produced about 250 posters for the tourism, culture, politics and advertising industries.

Posters designed by Otto Baumberger in the 1910s

Baumberger’s creative activities were not limited to graphic design, he was also a painter, a scenographer and an art teacher. In its diversity, Otto Baumberger’s work embodies the history of the Swiss poster in the first half of the 20th century. In his posters, he seeks the most appropriate solutions to convey the message to the public. His tourist posters for Switzerland’s major cities depict a luminous environment where nature is at one with man, which does not disturb the tranquillity of the moment captured by the artist. The cities are set back to show the viewer the beauty of a lake and a mountain in the background.

Baumberger is also one of the precursors of the Sachplakat (object posters); his PKZ coat (circa 1923) being one of the icons of this graphic movement; of the typographic poster and of the International Swiss Style (Brak liqueur (1937), Neue Zürcher Zeitung (1928)).

Here below is a set of impressive posters designed by Otto Baumberger in the 1910s.

Gygax-Limberger Co, Zürich, 1911

Zürich Kunstsalon Wolfsberg, 1911

Café St Gotthard, Zürich-Bahnhofstrasse, 1913

Original Weck, 1913

Restaurant du Pont, Zürich, 1913

Restaurant St. Gotthard, Zürich, 1913

Seiden-Grieder, Zürich, 1913

Zürich, Specks Cinema, Haus du Pont, 1913

Dosenbach's Grosser Schuhmarkt, 1915

Spielwaren Ausstellung, Jelmoli S.A. grands magasins, Zürich, 1915

Faco, 1916

Festvorstellung Oresteia, Max Reinhardt, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Zürich, 1916

Lichtspiele speck's Palast, Untersee expedition, 1916

Senft Wohnung, Einrichtungen, Basel, 1916

Baumann Kölliker & Co., Zürich, 1917

Gastspiel, Professor Arthur Nikisch, 1917

Gesamtgastspiel, Medea, Hofburgtheater Wien, 1917

Hotel St-Gotthard, Zürich, 1917

Africa, film de Max Strohr, 1918

Jelmoli Spielwaren, 1918

Kunst & Spiegel A/G, Zürich, 1918

Autumnale der Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft Kunsthaus Zürich, 1919

Schöllenen-Bahn, 1919

Swan Fountain Pen, 1919

Swiss Gotthard, 1919


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