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October 20, 2023

Newcastle in the Early 1970s Through Robert Hope’s Lens

Robert Hope was a resident of Newcastle upon Tyne. In the early 1970s, he took out a bank loan to buy a Rolleiflex camera.

Over the next few years, Hope photographed various Newcastle scenes, including the Grainger Market and the demolition of housing estates in the West End of the city.

Robert Hope died in 2001.

These fascinating black and white photos from Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums were taken by Robert Hope that show what Newcastle looked like in the early 1970s.

"The North's Leading Dog Food Specialist", Grainger Market

Angel and devils

Book browsing


Building sandcastles from rubble, Newcastle upon Tyne

Butcher in the Grainer Market

Clothes shop, Newcastle city centre

Construction, Newcastle city centre

Corporation Weigh House, Grainger Market

Crockery and S. Murray, Grainger Market

Crossing, Newcastle city centre

Crumbling street, Newcastle upon Tyne

Demolished houses and rubble

Demolished street by the River Tyne

Dresses, Grainger Market

End of the terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne

Flowers in the Grainger Market

Graffiti, Newcastle upon Tyne

Harry Dunn butchers, Grainger Market

Hector Hall farm produce, Grainger Market

Horse and cart, Newcastle upon Tyne

Ice creams

Katy's Hat Shop, Grainger Market

M. Robertson florists, Grainger Market

Marks and Spencer, Newcastle Grainger Market

Marks and Spencer, Original Penny Bazaar, Grainger Market

Newcastle West End demolition

Newcastle, River Tyne and bridges

Railway arch, Newcastle upon Tyne

Rally in Newcastle West End

Sarah Gaskin Ltd, Grainger Market

Scales in Corporation Weight House, Grainger Market

Sitting outside Grainger Coffee Bar

Sloping street

Spotted in the book shop

Standing in ruins, Newcastle upon Tyne

T. Justice fruiterer, Grainger Market

Taylor Gregson Music, Grainger Market

Under the bridge

Vegetables and flowers, Grainger Market

Walking through Grainger Market

Walking up a sloping street

Weighing a pig in the Grainger Market


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