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October 8, 2023

35 Amazing Photos of New York City Taken by Anthony Angel in the 1950s

Anthony Angel (1906-1967) photographed New York City street scenes and buildings day after day. The work he bequeathed to the Library of Congress includes around 60,000 images that show many angles on New York City views, people in scenes of daily life, historic sites and construction sites, and much more.

These amazing photos are part of his work that Anthony Angel took street scenes of New York City in the 1950s.

Woman with umbrella walking across New York City street, January 1956

Woman reading newspaper while seated beside building columns, January 27, 1950

Times Square street scene, May or June 1952

Building exterior, looking up, January 1953

Grand Central sculpt of light, 1953

Marble lions sculptures located on steps of the main branch of the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York City, 1953

Woman reading inside newsstand, November 1953

Atlas sculpture in Rockefeller Center, July 1954

Man looking towards the Statue of Liberty, August 1954

Woman being photographed in the rain on a street corner, 1954

Cat sitting on top of boxes, 1955

Couple sitting on a bench in New York City, September 1956

Italian Kitchen storefront, New York City, September 1956

Woman hanging clothes on the line, November 1956

Woman holding a home movie camera while walking on New York City sidewalk, 1956

Food vendor grabbing roasted chestnuts, November 1957

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, October 1957

View of man and woman on motorized scooter, A&M Super Market in back, September 1957

View of two nuns next to map of the United States with route markers and lights, suitcases on ground, November 1957

View of woman standing in alleyway, full-length portrait, from behind, June 1957

Woman with shoulder covering and lace collar, 1957

Cat sitting on car with skyscrapers in the distance, October 1958

Nun sitting in front of a store window, August 1958

Woman sitting on luggage in Grand Central Terminal, September 1958

Women riding on the subway, 1958

Young girl swinging outside of Go Sing Coffee Shop, September 1958

African American young people sharing a laugh while riding the subway, February 1959

Bird’s-eye view of 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, 1959

Cat on sidewalk, May 1959

Detail view of upper portion of the Empire State Building seen through an ornate street lamp (foreground), Manhattan, New York City, New York, July 1959

Little girl walking on sidewalk cellar hatch doors looking warily at the photographer, March 1959

Park Avenue between 96th-97th Street - detail view of gated traffic median with people seated on benches, train tracks in background, October 1959

Unidentified woman exiting a taxi in New York City, June 1959

Woman at cash register viewed through diner show window with buildings reflected, February 1959

Woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, profile view, facing right and looking down, April 1959

(Photos © Anthony Angel)


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