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October 10, 2023

Infamous 16ft. Water Tower Ollie by Jeremy Wray, 1997

What drew you to skate off such huge roof tops?
“I was able to ignore the drop and just focus on the gap itself. If you could do certain tricks if the gap was the same size as a grass gap or set of stairs, then with the right mindset you should be able to do the same tricks on a roof gap. Most of the danger would be from not going fast enough to clear the gap, but I would always try to go faster and clear everything by enough to be confident that I wasn’t going to hang up.” – Jeremy Wray

In 1997, Jeremy Wray pulled off one of skateboarding’s most unfathomable stunts when he ollied between two water towers outside of Los Angeles. This moment has gone down in skateboarding history, and the 16-foot gap between the towers is enough to scare away the most experienced skater. Although the Ollie does give the skater as many run-ups as needed, but judging by the speed that Jeremy was going by any other less talented skater would fall from the top of the tower to flat.


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