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October 3, 2023

20 Amazing Photographs of Gwen Stefani on Stage in the 1990s

From becoming the lead singer of ska band No Doubt, to branching off into a solo career, to starting her own fashion line, high-octane frontwoman, Gwen Stefani has always done things her own way. In the early 1990s, at the height of grunge, Stefani wasn’t tempted to hit the distortion and scream (like most other bands of the era) but she more than embodied the ethos of ‘grrrl power’ with her lyrical themes and superhuman ability to do push-ups live onstage, without missing a beat.

Gwen Stefani’s ability to interpret the attitude of the times and reflect it back in her own, unique way has always kept her a step ahead in a career that spans three decades. Today, the singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer celebrates her 54th birthday, so we are celebrating her with a look back at some of her best moments onstage from the 1990s:


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