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October 25, 2023

Stunning Portrait Photos of Dorothy McGowan Taken by William Klein in 1962

Brooklyn, New York–born model and actress Dorothy McGowan was one of photographer William Klein’s favorite models. After the release of Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?, in which she starred, she disappeared from public life.

McGowan was married to, and divorced from photographer Didier Dorot, with whom she had two children. In 2022, she died at age 82 in Mamaroneck, New York.

These stunning photos are portraits of Dorothy McGowan from the series ‘Fashion and Light Drawings, Paintings Etc‘ taken by William Klein for Vogue on March 15, 1962.

Portrait of Dorothy from the series ‘Fashion and Light Drawings, Paintings Etc’, 1962

Dorothea McGowan in Yves Saint Laurent, 1962

Dorothy and light dog, Paris, 1962

Dorothy and light numbers, 1962

Dorothy and light numbers, 1962

Dorothy and light outline, 1962

Dorothy and white light stripes, 1962

Dorothy arguing with Dorothy, Paris, 1962

Dorothy blowing light smoke rings, Paris, 1962

Dorothy juggling white light balls, Paris, 1962

Dorothy shooting light from hip, 1962

Dorothy with big white circle, Paris, 1962

Dorothy with light coat, 1962

Dorothy, Paris, 1962

(Photo © William Klein)

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  1. She was so damn beautiful. So...out of this world




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