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October 28, 2023

40 Candid Photos of Boston Hips on Charles Street, Beacon Hill in the Late 1960s

“Nick DeWolf is a photographer of national renown and has recently put his talent to a somewhat unusual use in aid of his latest crusade. Nick has spearheaded the effort to get the Hippies off the Hill - mainly because of his deep concern with the extent to which heavy drugs have become prevalent in this area.

Unlike the average citizen who complains to his congressman or calls City Hall, Nick has printed over 4000 pictures of the people in the area. These comprise an amazing and somewhat sobering collection - one can view guns, needles, money, pills, etc. being passed among a group that includes some very sweet-looking young girls. He has identified to the police the pads and the pushers. He has spoken and written as well.

A full duplicate set of his photos go to the police; a number of runaway children have thus been found by their parents.” - Eugene Lyne, March 26, 1969.

(Photo © Nick DeWolf)

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