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October 11, 2023

Lovely Birthday Cards in the 1950s

A birthday card is a greeting card given or sent to a person to celebrate their birthday. Similar to a birthday cake, birthday card traditions vary by culture but the origin of birthday cards is unclear.

The mass-produced birthday card as we know it today, first made its appearance in mid-19th century Britain, shortly after the production of the first Christmas cards.

The advent of computing and introduction of the internet and social media has led to the use of electronic birthday cards or even Facebook posts to send birthday messages. Here below is a set of lovely ’50s birthday cards.

A Happy Birthday, I Am Two Today

1 Happy Birthday

A “Purr”fect Birthday

A Birthday Wish for You

A Cherry Birthday Greeting

Birthday Greetings 4 Year Old

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Wishes to a Dear Granddaughter

For a Dear Little Girl on Her Birthday

For Your Birthday

Happy Birthday 1 Year Old!

Happy Birthday 2 Year Old

Happy Birthday 3 Year Old

Happy Birthday 5 Year Old

Happy Birthday 5 Year Old

Happy Birthday Dear

Happy Birthday Four Year Old

Happy Birthday One Year Old

Happy Birthday Three-Year-Old

Happy Birthday to a 2 Year Old

Happy Birthday to a Dear Little Granddaughter

Happy Birthday Two-Year-Old

Happy Birthday, 3 Year Old

Happy Birthday, Little Girl!

Happy Birthday

Hello There! I Am Three Today

Look! I'm 5

On Your First Birthday

To-day You Are 3

You're Four Years Old Today!

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