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September 27, 2023

25 Vintage Photographs of a Young Meat Loaf in the 1970s

Meat Loaf flew onto the music scene like a bat out of hell during the 1970s. Equal parts beast and beauty, he performed with a feral elegance and passionate theatricality that came to define his decades-long career. Whether entering paradise by the dashboard light or declaring he’d do anything for love (but he won’t do “that”), Meat Loaf showed that music isn’t just something that you hear; it’s something you feel. And he certainly struck an emotional chord with listeners. 1977’s Bat Out of Hell, the first installment in the “Bat Out of Hell” trilogy, became the fifth best-selling album of all time, according to Billboard.

Also passionate about acting, Meat appeared in dozens of films since the 1970s. But behind the scenes his life was a screenwriter's fever dream. The cast of characters included the queen of England, and salmon, and Charles Manson. At times the details are more grim than fairy tale, and some details contain more tale than truth. These are some vintage photographs of a young Meat Loaf from the 1970s:

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