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September 9, 2023

World Expo 88 Through Amazing Photos

World Expo 88, also known as Expo 88, was a specialized Expo held in Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia, during a six-month period between Saturday, 30 April 1988 and Sunday, 30 October 1988, inclusive. The theme of the Expo was “Leisure in the Age of Technology”, and the mascot for the Expo was an Australian platypus named Expo Oz.

The A$625 million fair was the largest event of the 1988 Bicentennial celebrations of the arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney Harbour. Expo 88 attracted more than 15,760,000 visitors who bought tickets worth A$175 million. The event achieved both its economic aims and very good attendances, was successfully used to promote Queensland as a tourist destination and it spurred a major re-development at the South Brisbane site.

The core feature of the site were the international pavilions. Many of the exposition’s sculptures and buildings were retained by various entities around the state and are still in use or on display today.

Here below is a set of amazing photos of the World Expo 88.

Entrance gates at Expo 88, South Brisbane, 1988

Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II opening Expo 88, Brisbane, April 30, 1988

Opening day, Expo 88

Opening day, Expo 88

Opening day, Expo 88

Aquacade performers, Expo 88

Australia Pavilion on opening day, Expo 88

Australian Artwork by Ken Done in front of the monorail, Expo 88

Bob Minnikan at Expo house with wandana stage coach and costumed performers, Expo 88

Character costumes at Expo 88

Children in front of parades float of large head with beard, glasses and top hat, Expo 88

Costume character, the Flash at Expo 88

Crowds at Expo 88

Dancers in yellow tracksuits performing in the Piazza during Expo 88

Expo 88 performers at Media Day April 28, 1988

Expo 88 performers, South Brisbane, 1988

Expo 88 spacemen, Brisbane City, 20 June 1988

Expo Ball at Expo 88, October 1, 1988

Expo Oz, Expo 88

Exterior of Canada stand at Expo 88, South Brisbane, 1988

Facepainting at Expo 88

Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH Prince Edward signing guest book at Expo 88, Brisbane, 30 April 1988

IBM Pavilion with water feature out the front, Expo 88

Lunch time parade showing the Marching Koalas, Expo 88

Lunchtime parade performer at Expo 88, South Brisbane, 1988

Miss Australia entrants wearing spring hats, Expo 88

New Zealand performance at Expo 88

Night parade, Expo 88

Parade child with hat and toys float, Expo 88

Parade performer in green tree leaf costume, Expo 88

Parade showing large tricycle with wings and magpie head, Expo 88

Parade stilt walker with pink butterfly wings, Expo 88

Parades Night showing mirror ball disco Ned Kelly, Expo 88

Parades prepare in tunnel for night, Expo 88

Performer from the Swiss mime troupe Mummenschanz, Expo 88

Performer with Sir Llew Edwards mask at Expo 88, South Brisbane, 1988

Performers at Expo 88

Performers at New Zealand Day at NZ Pavillion, Expo 88

Preview day general, Expo 88

Preview day general, Expo 88

Rainy street shot in front of the Chinese Pavilion at Expo 88, August 88

Sheep shearing, Expo 88

Spring fashion parade, Expo 88

Spring fashion parade, Expo 88

Spring hats with Miss Queensland 1988, Expo 88

Statues at Expo 88, South Brisbane, 1988

Street artist drawing on the footpath with chalk, Expo 88

Street performer in front of the New Zealnad Pavilion, Expo 88

The Orchids street entertainer, Expo 88

View of Monorail and the front of the Japan Pavilion West Samoa and Fiji Day, Expo 88

Waiting for food prep, Expo 88

Water Ski Show at Expo 88

Woman holding camera with Human Factor sculpture camera man, Expo 88

Closing day crowds at Expo 88, South Brisbane, 1988

Closing day crowds at Expo 88


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