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September 27, 2023

Promotional Photos of Olivia Newton-John Posing With Rocking Horse for “A Special Olivia Newton-John” (1976)

Olivia Newton-John’s first TV special titled “A Very Special Olivia Newton-John” was broadcast on ABC-TV on November 17, 1976. It was an opportunity to promote her Don’t Stop Believin’ album, as well as some of her previous hits.

The scripted plot was very clever: Olivia is trying to get guest stars for her special, but things don’t seem to work out her way. Ron Howard and Tom Bosley want to sing, Lee Majors ends up wanting to have his own special, Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) is too busy fighting crime and corruption, not to mention gossip columnist Rona Barrett criticizing everything about Olivia’s show. Only Elliott Gould goes out of his way to be part of the special, only to end up being very business-like when it comes to contracts.Of course, what makes it so clever is that all these celebrities appear on the show.

Here are some promotional photos of Olivia Newton-John posing with rocking horse for the ABC TV special “A Special Olivia Newton-John”:


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