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September 25, 2023

35 Amazing Concert Posters in the 1960s

A concert is a live music performance in front of an audience. The performance may be by a single musician, sometimes then called a recital, or by a musical ensemble, such as an orchestra, choir, or band. Concerts are held in a wide variety and size of settings, from private houses and small nightclubs, dedicated concert halls, amphitheaters and parks, to large multipurpose buildings, such as arenas and stadiums.

Concert posters in the 1960s

While the first concerts did not officially appear until the late 17th century, similar gatherings had been around throughout the 17th century at several European universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge. Officially, though, the first public concerts that required an admission were created by the English violinist, John Banister.

Over the next few centuries, concerts began to gain larger audiences, and classical symphonies were very popular. Finally, after World War II, these events changed into the modern concerts that take place today. An example of an early, post-WWII concert is the Moondog Coronation Ball.

Here below is a set of amazing concert posters in the 1960s.

Fillmore Auditorium (San Francisco, CA), November 6, 1960

Scranton Armory (Scranton, PA), January 24, 1960

Arcadia Roller Rink (Detroit, MI), December 25, 1961

Club Eaton (Eatonville, FL), June 16, 1961

Meadow Acres Ballroom (Topeka, KS), May 7, 1961

Municipal Auditorium (Topeka, KS), April 26, 1961

Russ Auditorium (San Diego, CA), September 9, 1961

The Forum ( Montréal, QC), September 17, 1961

Burruss Hallin (Blacksburg, VA), October 12, 1962

Mambo Club (Wichita, KS), August 11, 1962

Regal Theater (Chicago, IL), March 23-30, 1962

Evergreen Ballroom (Olympia, WA), October 13, 1963

Kiel Opera House (St. Louis, MO), March 29, 1963

Regal Theatre (Chicago, IL), April 1963

The Auditorium (Klamath Falls, OR), December 24, 1963

Hollywood Bowl (New Westminster, B.C.), May 23-30, 1964

Macon Auditorium (Macon, Georgia), September 5, 1964

Richmond Civic Auditorium (Richmond, CA), January 11, 1964

Carr’s Beach (Annapolis, MD), July 18, 1965

Memorial Auditorium (Chattanooga, TN), November 2, 1965

Oakland Auditorium (Oakland, CA), February 12, 1965

W.A Perry Stadium (Columbia, SC), July 3, 1965

California Hall (San Francisco, CA), August 7, 1966

Candlestick Park (San Francisco, CA), August 29, 1966

El Cortez Hotel (San Diego, CA), December 28, 1966

Charlotte Coliseum (Charlotte, NC), August 11, 1967

Leo’s Casino (Cleveland, OH), December 9, 1967

Madison Square Garden (New York, NY), May 28, 1967

Springfield Shrine Mosque (Springfield, MO), March 16, 1967

Tucson Sports Center (Tucson, AZ), February 5, 1967

Atlanta Municipal Auditorium (Atlanta, GA), August 17, 1968

Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City, MO), November 28, 1968

Myrtle Beach Convention Center (Myrtle Beach, SC), September 2, 1968

Regal Theatre (Chicago, IL), August 10, 1968

Fairgrounds Arena (Oklahoma City, OK), October 25, 1969


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