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August 18, 2023

35 Lovely Vintage Photos of People Showing Their Loves for Animals

A person who is an animal lover is likely very empathetic toward animals, enjoys being around them, and feels a pull to help them when they can.

Studies have determined that pet owners and animal lovers are less likely to be lonely. Besides your pet’s companionship, pets also make it easier for you to connect with congenial humans.

Spending time with a pet has been found to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and release chemicals that trigger relaxation even when there’s a lot on your plate. Pets also increase social support, which has been found to improve cardiovascular, endocrine, and immune function.

These lovely vintage photos were found by Maika that show people showing their loves for animals.

Time to feed the fawn, circa 1900s

Time to feed the fawn, circa 1900s

Close encounter, circa 1910s

The chicken men, circa 1910s

Where the red fern grows, Italy, circa 1910s

A boy and his bunny, Asa Haugaman, November 1916

Kind hands and gentle paws, somewhere in Japan, circa 1920s

Little boy feeding what may be a baby robin, circa 1920s

The gentle hand, circa 1920s

The gentle hand, Tacoma, Washington, 1920

A boy and his goose, 1924

A boy and his deer friend, circa 1930s

Fascination, circa 1930s

My dearest love, circa 1930s

The gentle hand, Germany, circa 1930s

Precious Tüssi, Germany, 1933

Gene and Cappy, Cass Lake, Minnesota, 1938

Little friend, Berlin, Germany, circa 1940s

She never forgot that day her mother took her to see the ducks, circa 1940s

Tender offering, Germany, circa 1940s

Tender offering, Germany, circa 1940s

That must've been a special day, circa 1940s

The little white goat always told the best stories, circa 1940s

A tender offering, circa 1950s

Channeling Le Samouraï. Instead of a small bird in a cage, he's got a squirrel friend in the park, Germany, circa 1950s

Little friend, Germany, circa 1950s

She was a friend to pigeons, circa 1950s

Tender offering, circa 1950s

The soldier and the fawn, circa 1950s

Pretty apron, thick gloves, and a pet fox, July 1952

Weihnachten, Germany, 1959

Tender offering, Marselisborg Forests, Denmark, circa 1960s

Their eyes met and time stood still, Germany, 1960

We three gentle souls, circa 1960s

A perfect moment, Germany, September 15, 1965


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