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September 1, 2023

Toni Frissell Dog Photography From Between 1940s and ’60s

Antoinette Frissell Bacon (1907–1988), known as Toni Frissell, was an American photographer, known for her fashion photography, World War II photographs, and portraits of famous Americans, Europeans, children, and women from all walks of life.

Toni Frissell dog photography

The collection of her photos in the Library of Congress contains around 340,000 images, and because of its size is not completely available to the public. She and her husband donated her archive of film negatives in 1971.

Frissell’s love of dogs is very evident in this set of lovely photos.

Botany Wool Children (Rejects), circa 1947

Children - Eastman A/C, 1948

Children - Eastman A/C, 1948

Fashions, circa 1951

Greenbrier Tennis Festival, October 1953

Gloria Guinness, December 1954

Field Trials, Marshall Field Estate, Long Island (Cold Spring Harbor), September 1955

Field Trials, Marshall Field Estate, Long Island (Cold Spring Harbor), September 1955

Sports Illustrated - St. Anton, January 1955

Bermuda Rejects, 1956

Bambi, Color Test, September, 1957

California Shoot - Top Selects, November 20, 1958

Mrs. Winston Guest, November 30, 1958

Sidney and friends, May 28, 1958

Spaniel Field Trial, August 1958

Spaniel Field Trial, August 1958

Waterfowl Hunting, November 20, 1958

Foxcroft Horse Show, May 15, 1959

Skiing at Sugarbush, February 1959

Sporting Look - Capri, Extras, June 1959

Woman and dog in front of Rolls-Royce car, August 1962

Frederick Vanderbilt's House - "Hyde Park", 1964

Gloria Vanderbilt - 1, February 1966

Vogue, Ann Taylor, May 1967


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