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August 27, 2023

Switzerland in 1994 Through Amazing Photos

Switzerland is a landlocked country located at the confluence of Western, Central and Southern Europe. It is bordered by Italy to the south, France to the west, Germany to the north and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east.

Switzerland is geographically divided among the Swiss Plateau, the Alps and the Jura; the Alps occupy the greater part of the territory, whereas most of the country’s population of 8.7 million are concentrated on the plateau, which hosts the largest cities and economic centers, including Zürich, Geneva and Basel.

It has four main linguistic and cultural regions: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Although most Swiss are German-speaking, national identity is fairly cohesive, being rooted in a common historical background, shared values such as federalism and direct democracy, and Alpine symbolism. Swiss identity transcends language, ethnicity, and religion, leading to Switzerland being described as a Willensnation (“nation of volition”) rather than a nation state.

Switzerland is one of the world’s most developed countries. It has the highest nominal wealth per adult and the eighth-highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. Switzerland ranks first in the Human Development Index since 2021 and performs highly also on several international metrics, including economic competitiveness and democratic governance. Cities such as Zürich, Geneva and Basel rank among the highest in terms of quality of life, albeit with some of the highest costs of living.

These amazing photos were taken by Steve Brown that show life of Switzerland in 1994.

An old chapel at Riffelalp, 2000 feet above Zermatt, at the base of the Matterhorn, 1994

Basel quiet side street, 1994

Basel. Along the shoreline of the Rhine River, 1994

Basel. Swiss passenger train, 1994

Bauen on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, 1994

Bergdorf from the train, 1994

Brienz Rothorn Railway, Switzerland, 1994

Eggiwil in the Emmental, 1994

Endearing pair at Erlenbach, Switzerland, 1994

Flüelen on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, 1994

Flüelen. Train station, 1994

Glacier Express meet at Biel, Switzerland, 1994

Interlaken. Awaiting departure, 1994

Interlaken. Berner Oberland-Bahn, 1994

Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland, 1994

Lovely green hillsides of the Emmental, home of Swiss Cheese, surround the town of Langnau, 1994

Lucerne. Feeding frenzy, 1994

Lucerne. River Reuss, 1994

Lucerne. The Kapelbrucke, 1994

Overhanging the valley, Wengen, Switzerland, 1994

Paddlewheel steamer "Unterwalden" on Lake Lucerne in the Swiss Alps, 1994

Spiez Castle, Switzerland, 1994

Swiss cattle procession in Brienz, 1994

Swiss cattle procession in Brienz, 1994

Swiss farmer, on the slopes of the Rigi above Lake Lucerne, is entering his barn for the morning milking, 1994

Switzerland's Emmental (the home of Swiss Cheese) is noted for its wide-gabled and richly adorned farmhouses, 1994

The lovely countryside of the Emmental, home of Swiss cheese, is seen here on the outskirts of Langnau, 1994

The paddlewheel steamboat on Lake Lucerne has just pulled away from the ferry dock at the charming village of Beckenried, 1994

The road to Lauperswil, Switzerland, 1994

The rustic charm of Switzerland's Simmental, 1994

The Staubbach Fall tumbles into the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Berner Oberland near Interlaken, 1994

The Swiss Glacier Express arrives Andermatt, 1994

Top of the world at Winteregg, Switzerland, 1994

Train time at Wengen, Switzerland, 1994

Vitznau on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, 1994


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