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August 14, 2023

Tea For Two: Alfred Hitchcock Serving Tea to Leo the Lion, the Mascot of MGM Studios, 1957

These iconic images of Alfred Hitchcock serving tea to Leo the Lion capture a unique moment in the history of Hollywood. The photographs were taken in 1957, during a promotional event organized by MGM, one of the most prominent film studios of the time.

The meeting of these two legends, Hitchcock and Leo the Lion, created a delightful juxtaposition. On one side, you had Hitchcock, a creative genius known for his dark and suspenseful movies, often featuring thrilling plots and mysterious characters. On the other side, you had Leo the Lion, a majestic and powerful symbol associated with the glamour and grandeur of the MGM film studio.

The photographs capture the playful and unexpected moment when Alfred Hitchcock served tea to Leo the Lion. They showcase a lighthearted interaction between the director and the iconic mascot, bridging the gap between the world of filmmaking and the larger-than-life imagery associated with Hollywood.

These images became a fascinating symbol of the entertainment industry, representing the convergence of talent, creativity, and larger-than-life personalities. They serve as a reminder of the enchantment and magic that can be found both behind the scenes and on the silver screen.


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