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August 24, 2023

40 Elegant Photos That Show Fashion Styles of ’50s Weddings

Out of the 1940s, women in the 1950s were looking towards Hollywood for inspiration for what to wear so it’s no surprise that this extended to their wedding too. High fashion designers were in the spotlight as brides-to-be flocked to department stores and bridal salons where they viewed the latest runway wedding gowns, veils and flowers. This also extended to menswear, homewares and bridesmaid dresses where a day-long wedding event set the tone for them being a high fashion affair.

Brides were encouraged to emulate their Hollywood icons and dress like the stars in the most expensive gown they could afford. Thanks to many different manufacturing improvements, off-the-rack wedding dresses were now available which were made with cheaper synthetic materials which looked as expensive as the real thing.

These elegant color photos that defined fashion styles of weddings in the 1950s.

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  1. I love these vintage wedding photos. I want my dress right at my ankles, so I can walk better without tripping. The veils are breath taking along with the bridesmaids dress and the groom and best men tuxedos.




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