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August 24, 2023

Amazing Photos of 1930 Jordan Model Z Speedway Ace Roadster

The Jordan was one of the most famous cars to be built in Cleveland, Ohio. Starting in 1917, production lasted until 1931, just a few months after this roadster was built. The Jordan was probably best known for the advertising penned by the owner, a former advertising man, Ned Jordan.

By the time this car was built in 1930, the Jordan Company was placing its hopes on the new eight-cylinder Great line Eighty and Ninety. Perhaps the most exciting model offered that year was the Model ‘Z’ Speedway Ace with sporty Woodlites, low-slung coachwork, and an aircraft-style dashboard.

The Jordan Model Z Speedway was introduced in 1930 on a special 145-inch wheelbase double drop chassis that gave a low-slung racy appearance with a body built by Facto. The engine was a 5.4-liter, 114-horsepower Continental engine with a four-speed gearbox and aircraft-type instrument panel with altimeter and toggle controls for accessories. There is a matching Woodlite head, running and single tail lamp.

Unfortunately, the Speedway Ace, priced at $5,000, was beyond the means of most Depression Era automobile buyers. This 1930 Jordan Model Z Speedway Ace is the only known example of the final and finest effort of the Jordan Company. Ned Jordan is probably best remembered for his advertising flair; his ‘Somewhere West of Laramie’ ad is arguably the most famous ad in America. The Jordan Company survived only one more year after this spectacular car was built.

Here below is a set of amazing photos of 1930 Jordan Model Z Speedway Ace Roadster.


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