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July 6, 2023

Sledging in Style: The Wicker Toboggans of Monte, in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal

Ride down the toboggan in the traditional basket sledges which date back to early 19th century where they were used as a means of transport by the local residents who wanted to travel quickly from the village of Monte to the city of Funchal.

A toboggan sledge is made of wicker, which is then connected to two wooden runners. They are traditionally handcrafted using techniques from the mid-1800s. The highest quality wood is used to make the sledges.

The toboggan sledges are steered and powered by two Carreiros. The drivers are dressed in white, wearing the typical Madeira hat, the straw boater. Their shoes are pretty heavy and have rubber soles to stop the sledge if needed. The boots function as brakes. The Carreiros are incredibly experienced, offering you a safe journey down the hill. Back in the day, the sleighs had to be carried back up by staffing.

Monte itself is a well-known beautiful spot, famous for its amazingly lush gardens and splendid views over the city and beyond. For many years toboggan riding from Monte has been a very popular tourist attraction. The descent from Monte to Livramento is approximately 2 kilometers and takes about 10 minutes to complete. The route to Livramento is in a very picturesque area and a thrilling ride of up to 30 kilometers per hour is guaranteed.

Check out the pictures around the entrance to get a glimpse of the old days:

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