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July 26, 2023

Pictures of Mick Jagger Wearing Football Pants on the Stage From the 1970s and 1980s

Mick Jagger’s football pants phase remains one of his most divisive wardrobe choices, in a career packed with strange attire, from skin-tight jumpsuits to giant capes to uncanny yuppie getups.

“I chose the football pants to wear this tour because they are easy to work in,” Jagger told People. “It was sort of an accident—I went into a sports store, and they fit better than anything, and they only cost 20 bucks. In Dallas I wore the Dallas Cowboy colors. People dig that, and it has a good look for outdoors where you’ve got to wear bright colors or people can’t see you. You can’t be too subtle in a situation like that.”

The football pants allowed Jagger to move swiftly around the stage, and helped audiences see him from far-flung seats—that much is clear from the pictures. But the clash of colors wasn’t exactly in a harmonious team player spirit: he wore neon yellow pants with an electric blue tank top and a lavender blazer; white ones with either a neon teal puffer and a yellow quilted puffer; a construction cone-orange tank with tangerine pants. He’d often add red or blue kneepads, or a banded blue belt, which created an even more maniacal riot of color, and he’d take off his shirt and reassemble his outfit as he became increasingly sweaty or as the weather grew increasingly cool.

Jagger’s insistence that these were just easy to work in is typical Jagger swagger and posture— of course there was more to it than that. One orange and green jacket appears to be Issey Miyake, and he finished every one of these absurd, almost jester-like outfits with white Capezio jazz dance shoes. It sounds like a ludicrous combination, but that is, of course, the secret to all the best outfits in history—an assemblage whose whole is less insane than the sum of its parts.

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  1. Mick will always be the greatest frontman in rock. Want to wish him a happy 80th birthday. Keep on rockin.




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