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July 13, 2023

30 Amazing Vintage Posters Designed by Donald Brun

Born 1909 in Basel, Swiss artist Donald Brun completed an apprenticeship in advertising art under the tutelage of Ernst Keiser, who at the time was teaching calligraphy to graphic design students at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule Basel vocational school from 1927 to 1930.

Vintage posters designed by Donald Brun

From the 1930s onwards, Brun created countless posters that shaped the history of Swiss graphic design and are now internationally acclaimed. He was also a sought-after trade fair stand designer, creating a large pavilion for the Brussels World’s Fair in 1958. He went on to teach a great many designers at what later became the school of art and design in Basel.

Along with Fritz Bühler, Brun was one of the co-founders of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) in 1952. He spent his final years in Montreux, where he died in 1999.

Along with Niklaus Stoecklin, Herbert Leupin, Peter Birkhäuser and Fritz Bühler, Donald Brun was one of the most prominent representatives of the old Basel school. His flawless craftsmanship, which can be seen in the many poster designs he painted, is tremendous.

Here below is a set of amazing posters designed by Donald Brun.

Le Nº 11 renseigne, 1921

Bäder / Bains, 1928

Toujours de bonne humeur avec une tasse de café ...Cafés Courtheoux, circa 1930s

Bell Mortadella, 1939

Fruitsap Looza, circa 1940s

Wauwil, Einmachflaschen, circa 1940s

Erika Pudding, Bechtel & Cie., Basel, 1944

Es git nüt bessers als Persil, 1944

Es git nüt bessers als Persil, 1944

Berufshleider, Hüttinger, Basel, circa 1945

Nº 11 weiss Bescheid, 1945

Primavera in Svizzera, 1945

Bata shoes, 1946

Elna Sewing Machine, 1946

Gevaert Film, 1946

Gevaert Roll-Film, circa 1946

Gevaert Rollfilm, circa 1946

Téléphonez!, 1946

Dalang Eierteigwaren, 1948

Liebig, Fleischbrüh-Würfel, 1949

Allons boire une Henniez, circa 1950s

Mettler Savon, circa 1950

Sauter, Schmuck und Uhren, circa 1950

Votre Remède, Contra Schmerz, 1950

Zwicky Sysilke, 1950

Cuisine au Beurre, Qualité et Santé, 1951

Swissair, 1954

Arosa, Switzerland, 1956

Negroni (Salami), 1957

Materasso Robustas, circa 1960

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