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July 12, 2023

40 Vintage Portraits of Christine McVie From the 1980s

Christine McVie, whose birth name is Christine Anne Perfect, was born on July 12, 1943, in the village of Bouth, Lancashire, England. She grew up in a musical family, with her father Cyril Perfect playing the violin and her mother Beatrice Perfect singing in the church choir. McVie showed a natural talent for music from a young age and began taking piano lessons at the age of four. As a teenager, McVie was heavily influenced by the blues and began playing in local bands.

Christine McVie’s music career began in the 1960s, when she joined a local band called the Blues Hustlers as a keyboardist and vocalist. She quickly gained a reputation as a talented musician and was soon recruited to join the band Chicken Shack, where she played keyboard and sang lead vocals. With Chicken Shack, McVie recorded several successful albums, including Imagination Lady and Accept Chicken Shack.

In 1970, Mick Fleetwood, the drummer for Fleetwood Mac, invited McVie to join the band as a keyboardist and vocalist. She accepted the offer, and her first album with the band, Kiln House, was released later that year. McVie's contributions to Fleetwood Mac's music were immediately apparent, and her soulful vocals and keyboard skills helped to define the band's sound.

Over the years, McVie wrote and co-wrote many of Fleetwood Mac’s most popular songs, including “Don’t Stop,” “You Make Loving Fun,” and “Little Lies.” Her songwriting often dealt with themes of love, relationships, and personal struggles, and her catchy melodies and memorable lyrics made her songs fan favorites.

In addition to her work with Fleetwood Mac, McVie has also released several solo albums. Her first solo album, Christine McVie, was released in 1984 and featured the hit single “Got a Hold on Me.” She also released several other successful solo albums, including Christine Perfect (1970), The Legendary Christine Perfect Album (1991), and In the Meantime (2004).

In the late 1990s, McVie took a break from Fleetwood Mac to focus on her solo career. However, she rejoined the band for a reunion tour in 2014 and has continued to tour with them in the years since. In 2020, she released a new solo album, Christine McVie: The Legendary Fleetwood Mac Singer/Songwriter Returns, which features new versions of some of her classic songs as well as new material.

McVie’s contributions to music made her a highly respected and influential figure in the industry. She won numerous awards for her songwriting and her work with Fleetwood Mac, including a Grammy Award for “Don’t Stop.” Her soulful vocals and catchy melodies continue to inspire musicians and fans around the world, and her music remains a beloved part of the rock and roll canon.

Christine McVie died in hospital on November 30, 2022, at the age of 79.


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