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July 5, 2023

Cap and Mask in One Protects Diver’s Eyes, 1930

Bathing fashions in the course of centuries have seen many novelties, but it remained for a Los Angeles, Calif., designer to think of this headgear, which was a combination cap and face mask in one.

This swimming cap and mask may not be beautiful but it protects the eyes with celluloid windows. Mask turns up when not needed.

When the first wearer appeared on the Los Angeles beach in 1930, the startling, round eyeholes of the mask might have suggested to a fanciful observer the appearance of a feminine Martian or a lady robot.

Despite its oddity, the mask serves the practical purpose of protecting the eyes and ears in diving. Celluloid eyepieces keep out the water. The lower portion of the mask covers half the swimmer’s face, leaving the nose and mouth uncovered. It may be turned up when not needed.


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