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July 30, 2023

25 Vintage Photos That Defined Men’s Fashion in the 1930s

The 1930s were a time of great fashion for men. From stylish suits to casual clothing, the decade saw a great variety of styles that men could choose from.

The 1930s were the years immediately after the Great Depression. While almost everyone had very little money, no one wanted to look or feel poor, (especially not after the Roaring Twenties). As such, keeping up with the latest trends in fashion was an important part of making themselves feel good.

While good clothes were desired, there was very little money to spend on them. This gave rise to a demand for cheap yet good quality clothes. So, clothes were made cheaply, and a lot of fabric was recycled.

Many famous designers started offering clothes at lower prices. There was a clear change in the way clothes were manufactured, with less formal designs, cheaper materials, and overall cheaper clothes. Take a look at these vintage photos to see what men really wore in the 1930s.


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