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June 15, 2023

Steel Spring Tire, Created as a Substitute Tire Because of a Shortage of Rubber in Germany

If the history of the tire took on significant meaning with the invention and popularization of tires from 1895 thanks to the Michelin L’Éclaire (the first vehicle to have them), which is based on the process of vulcanizing rubber of Charles GOODYEAR in 1839 and the invention of the inner tube by Dunlop in 1887. These two elements: rubber and air, have since played an essential role in the production of tires as we know them.

However there is in the history of the tire, a part of which we know little and which could well be part of the future of the tire.

Thus in the early 1900s, following the shortage of rubber and the difficulty of filling tires with air during the First World War, the Germans designed in 1916 a steel spring tire, on a Protos, which was also to be more reliable than rubber tires and which was to equip military vehicles as a priority.


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