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June 14, 2023

1988 Opel Corsa Steffi Special Advertising

Steffi Graf was the German tennis star of choice for young lads growing up in the 1980s. So an Opel Corsa bearing her name was a game, set and match made in heaven. She had it all. Powerful strokes that earned her the nickname ‘Fräulein Forehand’, a powerful serve and – let’s be honest – Germanic blonde bombshell good looks.

As a brand ambassador for Opel, it made sense for the company to cash in with a special edition model. Hence the serving of the Opel Corsa Steffi Special. Other tennis puns are available and might be used throughout this piece.

“Kommt sie mit dem Auto?” asked a legion of German men who should have known better when they caught sight of the press advertisement. Steffi Graf was pictured sprawled across the bonnet or laying in front of the car.

“If you ask Steffi, good equipment is sometimes half the victory,” proclaimed the advert, before revealing a spec list that was far from breaking point, even for the time.

But there’s more, because the Steffi Special also came with Steffi side stripes, a signature on the tailgate and the best/worst seat covers you’re ever likely to see.

The covers might have looked fine on a Steffi Graf all-in-one duvet and pillow cover set, but not in an Opel Corsa. On the plus side, you did get a Steffi Graf backpack and umbrella.

Originally available in a white as “white as the white sport”, later versions were offered in red or black. An electric folding roof was an option.

Opel ended its association with Steffi Graf in 1995 amid tax evasion charges, so the chances of seeing a Grandland X Steffi Special are non-existent.


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