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June 2, 2023

Moscow in 1950 Through Amazing Color Photos

During the postwar years, there was a serious housing crisis, solved by the invention of high-rise apartments. There are about 13,000 of these standardized and prefabricated apartment block, housing the majority of Moscow’s population.

Apartments were built and partly furnished in the factory before being raised and stacked into tall columns. The popular Soviet-era comic film Irony of Fate parodies this construction method. These rare and amazing color photos from Pussreboots captured street scenes of Moscow in 1950.

"Kievskaya" Metro Station, Moscow, 1950

Evening lights, Moscow, 1950

Gorky Street (now Tverskaya Street), Moscow, 1950

Kalinin Prospekt, Moscow, 1950

Mayakovsky Square (now Triumfalnaya Square), Moscow, 1950

Monument to A. Pushkin, Moscow, 1950

Monument to A. Tolstoy, Moscow, 1950

Monument to Karl Marx, Moscow, 1950

Monument to space explorers (Museum of Cosmonautics), Moscow, 1950

Palace of Congresses in the Kremlin, Moscow, 1950

Red Square, Moscow, 1950

South door of 13th-century Rozhdestvensky Cathedral, Moscow, 1950

St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, 1950

Sunset at Moskva River, Moscow, 1950

The Kremlin, Moscow, 1950

The Noveodevichy Monastary, Moscow, 1950

Ukraina Hotel (Radisson Collection Hotel), Moscow, 1950

University on Lenin Hills (University of Moscow), Moscow, 1950


  1. Probably more like 1965, by the cars and clothing styles.

    1. True. The Monument to the Conquerors of Space wasn't erected until 1964. Still, it's a petty nitpick, because these are wonderfully colorful pictures.




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