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June 30, 2023

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson and Rock Legend Joan Jett During a 1986 Magazine Photoshoot

The boxing legend Mike Tyson was a phenomenon in the 1980s and early 1990s. The back-to-back sensational performances in the ring took him into the limelight. This is when ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ came into contact with stars from all fields. But his inclination toward the music world added different chapters to his life. One of them was his friendship with rock legend Joan Jett.

Mike Tyson came in contact with Joan Jett just after becoming the youngest heavyweight champion. The duo were in the prime of their art and were achieving record success in popularity. It was then that both appeared on the cover page of the famous magazine In Fashion.

In the photos, the duo is in black attire. Both are holding a guitar and appeared playing it. For Jett, it was a normal thing, but for ‘Iron’ Mike, it was an unfamiliar experience. The former champ had been to lacing gloves throughout life and in these pictures, he is rolling his fingers on the guitar string.
“In 1986, I was asked to photograph Joan Jett and Mike Tyson together for the cover of In Fashion magazine. Unlikely duo, but so memorable.” – Richard Corman.
An interesting story about the duo is very famous. Once Jett called Tyson before his fight against Larry Sims. Fortunately, it was a coincidence. Tyson won the fight and believed that Jett’s call was a lucky charm. Later, he insisted on getting called by Jett before every fight. But unfortunately, Jett did not call Tyson before his clash against Buster Douglas in February 1990, and eventually, Tyson faced the first defeat of his career.

Nobody thought the undefeated Mike Tyson who was like a pitbull in the ring would lose to a wide long shot who was brought in as a tune-up for the champion. Tyson would eventually serve time in prison and later come out to become a world champion again, but the loss to Buster Douglas in Japan was one of the resounding memorable moments in sports.

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  1. Definitely wasn’t beaten up by Mike Tyson, that’s a gentle love tap




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