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June 24, 2023

Man of Future to Have One Eye

In February of 1934, this amazing announcement was made in Popular Mechanix magazine. According to Dr. Shastid, the left eye is being used less and less ergo, the Man of the Future will be a Cyclops.

Man’s eyes will come closer and closer together, the bridge of the nose will further diminish, and finally the two eyes will again become one––just one large, Cyclopean eye in the center of the face––if the predictions of Dr. Thomas Shastid of Duluth, Minnesota, come true.

Dr. Shastid, eye specialist and editor of many optical magazines, bases his predictions upon his years of study of the eyes of humans, of animals, and of fish.

The left eye is being used less and less today––and soon will not be needed. The new eye will have two spots of sharpest vision in each eye, just as many birds have today, to obtain stereoscopic vision.

Although the field of view will then be narrower than now, the eye will be exceedingly acute for colors, for motion, and for form. It will probably be able to perceive as light many forms of energy which now produce in human eyes no sort of impression.

Dr. Shastid found that the eyes of birds are the best on earth, and are sometimes 100 times as good as those of man. They can not see blues or violets at all, but can see infra-red radiations.

Horses can see almost nothing above their heads because the lower part of their eyes are practically blind. The upper part gives off a bluish sparkle, however, which enables the horse to travel well in the dark.


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