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June 14, 2023

1962 Ford Seattle-ite XXI Concept Car, One of History’s Most Significant Concept Cars

Concept cars attempt to predict the future, demonstrating new technologies to make our lives safer, more comfortable and enjoyable. With the 20-20 vision afforded by hindsight, Ford’s 1963 World Fair Showpiece stands out as one of the most visionary concept cars in history. Many concept cars have forecast technologies that have become standard equippe but few have forecast as many technologies so far before their time as the Ford Seattle-ite XXI.

Designed to be shown at the Seattle World’s Fair, and named after the host city. This unique styling dream car envisions four steerable front wheels and easily interchangeable power units.

Seattle-ite XXI would feature such advanced concepts as a travel programming computer, variable density glass, jalousie windows, and fingertip steering. The entire front of the car would “break away” from the passenger compartment in order to permit conversion from an economical power capsule of perhaps 60 h.p., to a high-speed, transcontinental unit in excess of 400 h.p. This concept could allow many styling treatments for the trailing vehicle that would house passengers in air-conditioned, noiseless comfort.


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