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June 28, 2023

Elsie Allcock, the Woman Who’s Lived in the Same Terraced House for 105 Years

When Elsie Allcock was born in 1918, George V was king, Britain ruled the largest empire in history and the First World War was still a few months away from ending. Since then more than a century of history has passed including another World War, mankind landing on the moon, the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, the invention of the internet and so much more. Through it all, Elsie has stayed living in that same home she was born in 105 years ago, a terraced house on Barker Street in Huthwaite.

According to The Sun, Elsie’s family first started living in the house in 1902, where her father began renting it for the rate of seven shillings and sixpence, or about £30 in today’s money.

The youngest of five children, Elsie was born in an upstairs bedroom on June 28, 1918, just as the First World War drew to a close. She admits it was a bit of a squeeze at bedtime and often found herself topping and tailing with her older siblings.

When Elsie left school at the age of 14 she stayed at home to help look after the family following the death of her mum, Eliza, who died from pneumonia in 1932. She married in 1941 to Bill Allcock from Hilcote in Derbyshire, who died in 1995 from cancer after 55 years of being happily married.

Elsie went on to purchase her childhood home for £250 in 1960 after arranging a loan with the council following the death of her father in 1949.

“We didn’t have £250, so I went to the council and asked for a loan,” she told The Sun. “They agreed and the house was ours. We kept the outside loo - it still works. Very little has changed. I wouldn’t have been happy anywhere else.”

Elsie- whose hobbies include gardening and knitting- and Bill had two boys, six grandchildren and 36 great-grandchildren. The house is now worth £75,000 but for Elsie, it’s simply priceless.

“I’ve never desired to live anywhere else—this is my home, and it holds immeasurable value to me,” she said.

Elsie Allcock, pictured here in 1922, was born in a bedroom on June 28, 1918, during World War One.

Elsie aged 12 (left) with her Niece Joyce (right) in the back yard.

Elsie in 1944.

She went on to marry husband Bill in 1941, during World War Two.

Elsie (L) with her old neighbor, Mrs Tims in 1944.

The doting couple celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary at the house in 1981.

Elsie Allcock at her life long home.

Elsie Allock turns 105 this month and as she was born in the house, located on Barker Street in Huthwaite, she will also be celebrating her 105th anniversary of her time there.

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  1. 105 years of life with thesame home, aka, atired house! Amazing!




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