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June 10, 2023

Automatic Trap Door in Car Roof Prevents Head Bumps, 1933

Have you ever bumped your head while getting into or out of an automobile? If so, you undoubtedly would be greatly interested in an invention from England in 1933.

This new British made auto is equipped with automatic trap door in the roof to prevent bumping the head. The hinged part swings upward with opening of car door.

The Riley Lincook cars so popular in Britain, were equipped with automatic trap doors in their roofs, as shown in the photo. The part of the roof frequently bumped by heads has an arrangement similar to a hinge. When automobile door swings open, hinged part of roof is thrust upward to a vertical position permitting driver to leave the car without striking the edge of the roof.

As door is shut, the device is lowered into place. Such an arrangement is especially valuable in a car built close to the ground. An automobile of this type is rather hard to get into and out of due to the necessity of bending down.


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