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June 7, 2023

Pictures of Presidential Candidate Bobby Kennedy and His Beloved Dog, Freckles, 1968

Freckles, the blue roan English Cocker boon companion of the late Robert F. Kennedy, pictured with his master sharing a flight during the 1968 Presidential campaign.

The dog made the cover of Life magazine on June 14, 1968. It was not the first time English Cockers had appeared in Life and this dog was not the center of attention on the occasion. But it was a reminder that Senator Robert Kennedy, who had been killed a week earlier in the midst of his campaign for President, and his family were English Cocker owners. No one ever had the heart to enquire as to the pedigree of Freckles. Those who recognized the breed were content to silently empathize with the little dog and his family. But fanciers were sorely disappointed that Freckles was never correctly identified as an English Cocker Spaniel in the press.

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  1. great candidate. could have changed the world .... but what's 'murica's response ? kill .. kill ... kill ......




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