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May 4, 2023

26 Stunning Portraits of Tarita Teriipaia in the 1960s

Tarita Teriipaia (born 29 December 1941) is a French retired actress of French Polynesian and Chinese descent who was the third wife of actor Marlon Brando; the couple divorced in 1972. For media and entertainment appearances and engagements, she has usually been billed as Tarita.

Tarita had a very adventurous and thrilling start in her career. In the beginning, she worked as a floor show dancer. At that time she was just a teenager. When she was discovered by in the 1960s by Marlon Brando, she was employed as a dishwasher in a resort in Tahiti.

Right after the first movie with Marlon Brando, Tarita Teriipaia got instant fame. She got a role of a supporting actress wherein she played the character of Princess Maimiti in the historical period drama movie, Mutiny on the Bounty (1962). Due to her exceptional performance for her role in the film, she also received a nomination in the most prestigious Golden Globe Awards. Right after that, she signed a deal with MGM Studios to further pursue her career in acting. Simultaneously, she started doing TV shows, films, and documentaries.

She became Brando’s third wife in 1962. They divorced in 1972. Only months after Marlon Brando’s death in 2004, Tarita published her memoirs titled Marlon, My Love and My Torment, wherein she talked about her troubled marriage at a length. She shared almost everything about her marriage life. Tarita is the only wife of Brando still alive, after Movita Castaneda and Anna Kashfi died on 12 February and 16 August 2015, respectively.


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