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May 17, 2023

Glamorous Photos of Tania Mallet in the 1960s

Born 1941 in Blackpool, English actress and model Tania Mallet appeared twice on the cover of Vogue in 1961, and in Michael Winner’s short film Girls Girls Girls released the same year.

Mallet reportedly auditioned for the part of Tatiana Romanova in From Russia with Love (1963); although half-Russian, she was unsuccessful due to her English accent. According to Mallet, she was given the part of “Bond girl” Tilly Masterson in Goldfinger (1964) when someone sent a photo of her wearing a bikini to producer Albert Broccoli. Despite the film’s commercial and critical success, Goldfinger was Mallet’s only major film role. Her only other acting role was in 1976, an uncredited appearance as Sara in the New Avengers episode “The Midas Touch”.

Mallet cited two reasons for returning to modeling and turning down all further film offers. She did not like the restrictions imposed on her personal freedom when she was under contract during the filming of Goldfinger, including being unable to travel abroad or ride horses. She also said the money was “dreadful”. She was initially offered £50 a week and managed to increase her fee to £150 a week after tough negotiations, but was still dismayed as she had been earning this kind of money daily as a model.

Mallet died in 2019, aged 77. Take a look at these glamorous photos to see portraits of a young Tania Mallet as a model in the 1960s.

Tania Mallet in coiffure designed by Kenneth, photo by Art Kane, American Vogue, August 1, 1962

Tania Mallet in Pierre Cardin's enormous print chiffon hat with matching blouse and draped stole, photo by Paul Schutzer, Life, May 1962

Tania Mallet in brilliant blue Empire line gown by Dior, jewelry of brilliants and quartz also by Dior, photo by Eugene Vernier, Vogue UK, September 1962

Tania Mallet in red cardigan and black turtleneck sweater by Jane Irwill, photo by Frank Horvat, Glamour 1962

Tania Mallet is wearing makeup by Yardley, beach tunic by Lillywhites, hair by Rose Evansky, photo by Michael Williams, Harper's Bazaar UK, July 1962

Tania Mallet, circa 1962

Tania Mallet in dress of Terylene by Marcus, Harper's Bazaar UK, May 1963

Tania Mallet in red velvet turban by Sally Victor and dinner dress by Trigere expressly for Dorothy Gray, detail of Dorothy Gray Cosmetics ad, Harper's Bazaar, January 1963

Tania Mallet in short evening dress with bare back and halter neck and wide black patent leather belt in Terylene and silk by Mary Quant, photo by Michel Molinare, Harper's Bazaar UK, April 1963

Tania Mallet in sophisticated dress of Courtelle black-and-white jersey tweed punctuated with black leather buttons by Rembrandt, Harper's Bazaar UK, September 1963

Tania Mallet as Tilly Masterson during a break in the filming of "Goldfinger" in Andermatt (Switzerland), photo by Terry O'Neill, 1964

Tania Mallet as Tilly Masterson during a break in the filming of "Goldfinger" in Andermatt (Switzerland), photo by Terry O'Neill, 1964

Tania Mallet in beautiful patio-pyjamas of pink nylon chiffon jersey with a wonderful crimson pattern of stylised roses at Debenham & Freebody, photo by Terence Donovan, Harper's Bazaar UK, June 1964

Tania Mallet in black cotton batiste lace blouse worn with a brillian green embossed cotton skirt, sashed in heavy jeweled fuschia silk by Jean Louis, jeweled pin by Brania, coiffure by Kenneth, photo by Bert Stern, Vogue, 1964

Tania Mallet in shimmering papillon silk print of Duca D'Oria of Como in beautiful flowing dress by Forquet, photo by Terence Donovan, Harper's Bazaar UK, June 1964

Tania Mallet is wearing a hand-printed silk scarf by Liberty, Harper's Bazaar UK, October 1964

Tania Mallet is wearing a Liberty hand-printed scarf, Harper's Bazaar UK, November 1964

Tania Mallet is wearing a rolled-brim hat with soft crown and streamers of blue suède by Halston, photo by Irving Penn, Vogue, January 1, 1964

Tania Mallet in gold and white striped vinyl pantsuit, photo by Jamie Hodgson, circa 1965

Tania Mallet in pure wool herringbone suit adapted from an original Balenciaga for Harrods, Harper's Bazaar UK, March 1965

Tania Mallet in strapless sundress, circa 1965

Tania Mallet in tan and white jacket and pants, photo by Jamie Hodgson, circa 1965

Tania Mallet in white vinyl jacket and skirt, photo by Jamie Hodgson, circa 1965

Tania Mallet modeling ski-wear on a village street corner, photo by Jamie Hodgson, 1965

Tania Mallet, Harper's Bazaar UK, November 1965

Tania Mallet, photo by Popperfoto, 1965

Model Tania Mallet in sea-green silk suit with matching straw hat, circa 1960s


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