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May 6, 2023

Linda Ronstadt Onstage With The Rolling Stones to Sing “Tumbling Dice” on July 21, 1978 in Her Hometown of Tucson, Arizona

For the Rolling Stones, summer has been a whirlwind tour of the U.S. with a small army of technicians and groupies, to showcase a grab bag of gritty songs from a sizzling new album, Some Girls. On most of their dates, the Stones have rolled around ever-devilish Mick Jagger. But in Tucson, Arizona, the group added a bit of Sunbelt beauty to its act.

Announced Jagger: “Now were going to have a home-town girl sing with us and give her a chance.” As any frequenter of Ronstadt’s Hardware store in Tucson might have known, the guest was Linda Ronstadt herself, resting up at home with her parents before her next tour. Showing especially slim. sun-bronzed legs, the local torch singer joined sometime flame Jagger in a rendition of “Tumbling Dice”, a rocker she recorded on her one latest album, Simple Dreams. Home-crowd reaction: delirious.

Linda Ronstadt and Mick Jagger were rumored to have had an affair in the 1970s while working together on Linda’s version of “Tumbling Dice” but neither one have ever breathed a word about it.

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  1. The Rolling Stones have spent the majority of their tours rolling around Mick Jagger, who is known for his wicked antics. However, the group's show was given a touch of sunbelt beauty when it performed in Tucson, Arizona.




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