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May 7, 2023

Kiddie Car-Belt Invented by Richard G. Ostrander, 1953

Richard G. Ostrander of Yonkers, N. Y. was not a man who put things off till tomorrow!

In 1953, his young son narrowly escaped injury when he was thrown off an automobile seat by a sudden stop. To Ostrander this was a situation when stop meant go. He decided to do something about it and a few days later he presented to harassed parents everywhere his Wiggly Car Belt, a safety device for youngsters.

The belt, which could be installed in a few seconds, was made of sturdy webbing and consisted of two sections. One encircled the back of the car seat and the other fitted around the child’s waist. The latter slid up and down the back strap by means of a D-ring. This arrangement allowed the child to stand, sit or lie down as he desired but prevents him from falling from the seat or being thrown into the dashboard or windshield when the car stops suddenly. The Wiggly Belt could be left permanently attached to the seat.

Portrait of Richard G. Ostrander


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