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May 6, 2024

Incredible Photos of George Clooney in an ’80s Photoshoot

At 62 years old, George Clooney has reached a level of stardom few actors ever will. While the medical drama ER was undoubtedly his big break, Clooney has gone on to star in (and direct and write and produce) several films, become an influential activist and humanitarian, co-found a tequila company, marry human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, and father twins.

But prior to achieving all that, Clooney was just one of countless actors trying to crack into the business. In the 1980s, becoming People’s Sexiest Man Alive was just a twinkle in his eye, but he was already working quite a bit, appearing on shows like The Facts of Life, Murder She Wrote, and Baby Talk. At some point during that era, George Clooney also posed for this incredible vintage photoshoot, featuring wardrobe, props, and poses that are delightfully dated. Here are some of our favorite images:

1. George Clooney poses in a vintage car

2. George Clooney learns about The Facts of Life

3. George Clooney picks out a shirt

4. George Clooney with dart board

5. George Clooney with props

6. George Clooney with toy car

7. George Clooney with a telescope

8. George Clooney with refrigerator

9. George Clooney with tea kettle

10. George Clooney siting at a table and talking on the phone

(via Yahoo!)

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  1. Il attendait le Retour des Tomates tueuses pour devenir une star.




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