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May 17, 2023

Animal Lending Library, 1953

Kids in the 1950s got all the breaks. In 1953, they’ve even got a lending library in Sacramento, California, where Junior can borrow almost anything from a snake to a skunk (deodorized, natch) for a temporary playmate.

At this novel pet-dispenser, instead of taking home a book of stories about Reddy the Fox or Hoppy the Rabbit, boys and girls could borrow the real thing. Only stipulation was that the kids must be at least seven years old and must guarantee to give the pet first-class care and affection.

The library only stocked “light” reading matter, though. No elephants, for instance.

Library, part of California Junior Museum, has strict rules to protect the animal loaned and insure its good care.

Librarian signs children’s out-going cards.

“Snakes alive!” the little girl seems to be saying as a youth holds wriggly serpent overhead.

This junior miss goes in for a bunny-hug. She will keep her fair hare at home for two weeks.

This feller walks home with the Best Smeller in the library. It’s Blossom and it's deskunked.


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