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April 12, 2023

25 Incredible Photos of Aviation Accidents Taken by Leslie Jones in the 1920s and ’30s

Aviation accidents can occur on private aircrafts; on U.S. or international commercial planes; on charter planes; on sight-seeing planes; on corporate planes; and on air medical planes and jets. Although every type of plane, including private planes, must be piloted by a licensed professional, mistakes can still be made and things can still go wrong.

In fact, aircraft accidents occur thousands of times per year as a result of problems including: Pilot and co-pilot error; pilot incapacitation; equipment failure and faulty equipment; cabin fire; design flaws; fuel problems; maintenance problems including a failure of the plane owner/operator to follow required maintenance schedules or a failure of aircraft mechanics to provide quality repairs and servicing; mistakes made by air traffic controllers; bird strikes; bad weather.

Boston-based photographer Leslie Jones took incredible photos that shows aviation accidents in the 1920s and 1930s.

Army aeroplane crashes into water, circa 1920

Plane dives into Nahant Harbor. Two Harvard students die, January 8, 1923

Army plane crashes outside of Washington D.C., February 1928

Bonney Gull crashes to earth and kills inventor at Curtis Field, New York, May 5, 1928

East Boston Airport- Travelair biplane hits muddy swamp. Pilot Bob Goldberg and actress Maude Vesta shaken up, May 31, 1928

Navy plane hits house, Quincy, Massachusetts, March 24, 1928

The Eagle crashes at Lewiston, Maine, September 1928

Airplane accident in Charles River, August 1929

Airplane, Flash wrecked at Old Orchard, Maine, 1929

Army plane crashes, East Boston Airport, July 1929

Plane goes into Spot Pond, Massachusetts, July 1929

Plane crash at East Boston Airport, May 1930

Plane crash at Hadley Field. One boy dies after two steal plane, October 3, 1930

Plane crash, Camp Devens, 1930

Plane dives into harbor. Monoplane was piloted by Paul Herman of Winthrop and was rescued by Richard Couden of Portland, Maine (East Boston), May 18, 1930

Marine Lt. W.O. Bruce's plane hits building after going out of control at National air races in Cleveland, Ohio. The pilot escaped by parachute, August 30, 1931

Monoplane Esa before rescue by SS Stavanger, September 25, 1931

Plane crashes into house, Valley Stream, New York, July 27, 1931

Ruth Nichols crashes in St. John, New Brunswick. She was hospitalized after attempting to fly the Atlantic taking Lindy's trail, June 1931.

Ruth Nichols crashes in St. John, New Brunswick. She was hospitalized after attempting to fly the Atlantic taking Lindy's trail, June 1931

Shell oil plane nose down at East Boston Airport, 1933

U.S. Navy plane Anacostia crashes in Washington D.C., circa 1934

Plane dives into Boston Harbor, 1935

US Army plane taken on joy ride by mechanics, June 2, 1936

Peter J. Cummings killed when plane goes down over Milton, August 1937

(Photo © Leslie Jones)


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