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April 22, 2023

35 Vintage Propaganda Posters of Spanish Civil War in 1937

The Spanish Civil War was a civil war in Spain fought from 1936 to 1939 between the Republicans and the Nationalists. Republicans were loyal to the left-leaning Popular Front government of the Second Spanish Republic, and consisted of various socialist, communist, separatist, anarchist, and republican parties, some of which had opposed the government in the pre-war period.

Propaganda posters of Spanish Civil War in 1937

The opposing Nationalists were an alliance of Falangists, monarchists, conservatives, and traditionalists led by a military junta among whom General Francisco Franco quickly achieved a preponderant role. Due to the international political climate at the time, the war had many facets and was variously viewed as class struggle, a religious struggle, a struggle between dictatorship and republican democracy, between revolution and counterrevolution, and between fascism and communism. The Nationalists won the war, which ended in early 1939, and ruled Spain until Franco’s death in November 1975.

The war became notable for the passion and political division it inspired and for the many atrocities that occurred. Organized purges occurred in territory captured by Franco’s forces so they could consolidate their future regime. Mass executions on a lesser scale also took place in areas controlled by the Republicans, with the participation of local authorities varying from location to location.

Here below is a set of propaganda posters of Spanish Civil War in 1937.

1st May - We will attack!, 1937

16th February - The flag of Popular Front will be higher than ever, 1937

Central Committee for the battleship Espana, 1937

Defence of Madrid and Catalunya, 1937

Enlist!, 1937

Evacuate Madrid, 1937

FAI Fight for Humanity, 1937

First win the war. Fewer idle words!, 1937

Help Spain, 1937

Help the Hospitals, 1937

Illiteracy blinds your spirit, 1937

Internationalists, unite with Spanish people, 1937

Just one goal - Win the war (UGT), 1937

Our Brave Sailors, 1937

Physical Training Helps You to Fight!, 1937

Popular Front of Madrid, 1937

Read and distribute El Sindicalista (The Syndicalist), the official organ of party, 1937

Regional Federation of the transportation industry - CNT, 1937

She also wants to win the war, 1937

Socialism will forge a new Spain, 1937

Soldiers of the Republic, Attack! 1937

Stay alert!, 1937

Teach Your Comrade to Read, 1937

The claw of the Italian invader, 1937

The flag of victory (Republican Left), 1937

The Generalissimo cartoon, 1937

The Generalissimo cartoon, 1937

The National Youth Alliance - Guarantee of Victory, 1937

The sailors of Kronstadt, 1937

This is fascism, 1937

To win war, help Madrid, 1937

Today more than ever, Victory, 1937

UGT Workers organize competition in the face of war, 1937

Victory is ours!, 1937

Youth Defending the Union, 1937


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