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April 7, 2023

40 Fabulous Photos of Martha O’Driscoll in the 1940s

Born 1922 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, American actress Martha O’Driscoll had small dancing roles in Here Comes the Band, The Big Broadcast of 1936, and The Great Ziegfeld. Her first two starring roles were as romantic interest to the cowboy Tim Holt in Wagon Train (1940) and notably as Daisy Mae in the first screen version of Al Capp’s popular comic strip Li’l Abner (1940), which also featured Buster Keaton.

O’Driscoll was then given the lead in the B film Pacific Blackout (1942), starring Robert Preston. The actress followed this with a role in Young and Willing (1943). In the early 1940s, she toured with Errol Flynn and the USO, performing for the troops all over the world. In 1943, she married Lieutenant Commander Richard D. Adams (U.S. Navy), but they separated 10 months later.

O’Driscoll’s last film was Edgar G. Ulmer’s Carnegie Hall (1947). Following her last film and a final divorce decree on July 18, 1947, from her first husband, she married, 2 days later, Chicago businessman Arthur I. Appleton. Appleton was the president of the Appleton Electric Company, founded by his father. She retired from show business in 1947 to start a family; the couple had four children: James, John, Linda, and William.

O’Driscoll died in 1998, aged 76, in Indian Creek Village, Florida. Take a look at these fabulous photos to see the beauty of young Martha O’Driscoll in the 1940s.


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