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April 24, 2023

Jayne Mansfield Gives a Kiss to a Young Fan, 1957

If this happened today, you can be sure some hyper-politically correct maniacs would accuse Jayne Mansfield of being a child molester for planting a kiss square on the lips of an underage boy. But this was 1957 and Jayne was merely fulfilling a a young man’s request.

The caption says:
“Ricky Johnson is only 13 years old, but already he has it figured out that bashfulness gets a man nowhere. So when he met Jayne Mansfield the blond Aquatennial guest from Hollywood California, at an autograph party at Radio City theater Friday, he was all ready. Instead of asking for her signature, he asked for “a personal autograph.” As you can see, he got it!  Ricky lives at 5440 Park Avenue. – Photo: United Press Associates July 27, 1957”

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