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April 21, 2023

Elizabeth II and Her Love for Dogs: Adorable Childhood Photos of the Queen Posing With Her Corgis

They’re little, fluffy and stubby, and for many people around the world, the corgi is forever associated with Queen Elizabeth II. Corgis were the late Queen’s constant companions from the time she was a child. She owned nearly 30 throughout her life, and they enjoyed a life of privilege fit for a royal pet.

Queen Elizabeth II’s love for corgis began in 1933 when her father, King George VI, brought home a Pembroke Welsh corgi they named Dookie. Images of a young Elizabeth walking the dog outside their lavish London home would be the first among many to come over the decades.

When she was 18 she was given another and named it Susan, the first in a long line of corgis to come. Later there were dorgis — a dachshund and corgi crossbreed — owned by the queen. Eventually, they came to accompany her in public appearances and became part of her persona.

Throughout her 70 years on the throne, the corgis were by her side, accompanying her on official tours, reportedly sleeping in their own room at Buckingham Palace with daily sheet changes, and occasionally nipping the ankles of the odd visitor or royal family member.


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