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April 26, 2023

Bullet-Proof Shield Protects Police Officers in Gun Battles, 1933

Collapsible armored shields to protect the bodies of police in gun battles have been invented to aid Uncle Sam in his war on crime. The shields were designed following the slaying of four officers in front of the Union station in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1933.

The collapsible armor permits free movement of the body. The shield is made in three sections, the two end sections hinging to the center body piece. At the top is an opening fitted with bullet-proof glass through which the officer can see ahead.

The center section has an opening at the right through which the gun barrel projects. A strap hung over the shoulders holds the shield in place, while the left hand keeps the shield at the desired distance from the body. The shield leaves only the legs from the knee down exposed to gun fire.


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