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March 20, 2023

Incredible Photos Show Cured Broken Faces of WWI Soldiers

These incredible photos from ✠ drakegoodman ✠ that show broken faces of WWI soldiers cured by Health Service of the Armies around 1914-18.

"Gueules Cassées" (Broken faces) "Jules N.", aged 26 years, Private second class, 221st Infantry Regiment.

Jules N. inverse

The translation:

“Broken faces” authentic document of that time

Wounded the 24 of juin 1918 on mount rouge (red hill) by schrapnell of an obus (e. o = explosion of obus) big wound going from the right cheek to the left one.

That same day the wounded entered the hospital center 34 bis.

At the arrival we placed a dilatator type Huguet so the noseholes can stay free, flattening of the nose, cleaning, take away the dermal rests,regulation of the wound 11 days later we closed the wound.

Following goes excellent, supuration is insignificant, the metallic drains (huguet) are taken away and (the wound) cleaned every day.

Wounded Cured Collection War 1914-18
Health Service of the Armies
Victor Dubuil

Others from the same source:

"M.M., blessé le 10 février 1915" / M.M. (patient's initials) wounded on 10th February 1915 (Shrapnel wound to the face)

"C.A., blessé le 25 février 1915" / C.A. (patient's initials) wounded on 25th February 1915 (Shrapnel wound to the face)


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