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March 12, 2023

50 Incredible Photos Show Severe Winter in Boston in the 1920s and ’30s

Winter in Boston is no joke. With lows bottoming out at around 19 degrees in January, and highs averaging in the high 30s to mid-40s from December through February, you’ll need to pack layers while visiting Boston in winter. Boston is at its most majestic (not to mention quietest and cheapest) during the most frigid months.

Fans of the white stuff will rejoice while sightseeing around Boston in the winter, especially if they arrive in January or February, when the average snowfall ranges from 12 to 14 inches. The fresh powder is optimal for sledding through Boston Common or snowshoeing at Gore Place. There are so many fun things to do in Boston in winter that you’ll almost forget that it’s cold.

Take a look at these incredible photos from Boston Public Library to see how severe the winter was in Boston in the 1920s and 1930s.

Horse pulling wagon slips in snow next to Common, 1920

Blizzard rouses havoc with a working horse near South Station, breaking shaft and dumping his load of snow, 1920

Christmas view, circa 1920

Horse and wagon accident next to Common, 1920

Horse falls on slippery street in Boston, 1920

Horse pulling wagon slips in snow, circa 1920

Horse-drawn sleigh for hauling goods, market district, circa 1920

Police officer helps woman through blinding snow during coldest blizzard to reach Boston, 1920

Shoveling snow, circa 1920

Statue of garrison, Comm. Ave., covered with snow, 1922

Fire alarm box almost covered up by severe snowstorm, 1923

Looking at the weather instruments on Common in snow, 1923

Skaters put up shoes in baseball backstop at Franklin Field, 1923

Snow bound Mt. Vernon Street, 1923

Horse slips on Tremont St., 1925

Hamilton statue, Commonwealth Ave. Mall covered with snow, 1928

Girls try snow shoes on Boston Common, circa 1930

Kids playing in Roxbury Park, 1930

Kids playing in woods, Roxbury, 1930

Remarkable snowstorm, big blizzard as it appeared on Scollay square, circa 1930

Snowstorm in Boston, circa 1930

Snowstorm in Boston, corner of Tremont and Boylston, 1930

Team of horses plow snow on Tremont Street Mall, circa 1930

Women use umbrellas to ward off snow, during snowstorm in downtown Boston, 1930

Crew shovels snow from Tremont St. near State House, 1933

Snowstorm, Joy Street, Beacon Hill, 1933

Tremont St. snowstorm, 1933

Beacon St. snow scene from State House, 1934

Snow bound autos on Boston streets, 1934.

Snow bound autos on Boston streets, 1934

Boys riding ice cakes in Dorchester Bay, 1935

Kids ride ice cakes in Dorchester Bay, 1935

New type of plough for moving snow, 1935

Removing snow in Boston by hand and horse, 1935

Pedestrians and autos, big snow storm in Boston, 1936

Waterfront, snow covered, 1938

Atlantic Avenue elevated, circa 1939

Colored man digging out horse and cart, circa 1939

Digging out auto, circa 1939

Dumping snow, possibly South End, circa 1939

Horse-drawn sleigh in Boston neighborhood, 1939

Making snowmen, 1939

Men shoveling snow into trucks, 1939

Men shoveling snow into trucks, 1939

Snow covered autos, circa 1939

Snow scenes, 1939

Snowstorm scenes, circa 1939

Snowstorm scenes, circa 1939

Snowstorm scenes, circa 1939

State House grounds in the snow, 1939


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